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My Soul



My soul is hungry

It needs to be fed

Deprived of love, understanding

Compassion, stimulation

It strives to thrive

In a cruel world

Where people don’t care

About anyone anymore

It is a brutal place and

I am slowly sinking into the

Black hole of despair,

Riding the wave of “I just don’t care.”

My soul is so hungry

It needs nourishment

But I fear it will starve

Like all of the other


Depleted, and


Souls in the universe.

By A. Snyder


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Visiting Blues

The blues are visiting me again

                       I don’t know how to ask them to leave

They are the old friends that arrive

                           At your door that you are

Obligated to let it

But then, they just won’t leave

            They just won’t go away

Hanging on and hanging on,

                           Persistently lingering

Until you are so tired and mad

                                   That you want to scream and pull

  Your hair out

I NEED to kick these blues to the curb

                        Tell them never to come back and torture me

I am too tired, too young

   To deal with them

I need to tell them to go bother

                                                Someone else


                                         I don’t have the time or the energy

  To deal with all the grief and the

                   Low-down bad feelings they give me

I must…..I MUST

                                Put my feet to the floor

Look the blues in the face

                       And demand,

          Ever so firmly,

That they go away

                                        Not tomorrow

                                         Or the next day

                                         Or three weeks from now

                                    But TODAY

These old-obnoxious-visitin, lyin-cheatin, blues

                                                          MUST LEAVE TODAY!!!



A. Snyder