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BEER SPOTLIGHT # 2: McEwan’s Scotch Ale.


Aye, ya better run for the Highlands with this delectable brew! Once again, I am giving my thoughts on a Scottish beer. Funny, my first two reviews on beer have been from Scotland, ( I must be on a Kilt kick! ) but McEwan’s and Crabbie’s couldn’t be more different. Gone is the ginger and orange taste that Crabbie’s offered, with it’s lighter finish. Here with McEwan’s, the beer is a bit heavier, with chocolatey/caramel sweet notes. It has a great after taste. I was playing the bagpipes by the time I had finished it. HA HA! IT IS THAT FECKIN GOOD. It pairs well with other Scottish items too, such as the Scottish mystery  book that I am reading right now, “Cold Granite” by Stuart McBride, or any Ian Rankin novel. I was sippin away watching Shetland on Netflix and had to wonder if it is the Scottish folks go to beer when socializing.

All in all, McEwan’s gets 5 Kilts outta 5 Kilts from me.

Highly recommended

XOXO, Alehouse


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Lip Smackin Good: CRABBIE’s Orange



     Oh, do I love a good beer! After all, my moniker isn’t ‘Alehouse’ for nuttin! Folks who love ginger, orange flavor, and BEER!…….. will go gaga over this UK import. It’s light and spicey with generous hints of orange and ginger. It tickles one’s taste buds while quenching a real beer thirst. When I first had a sip I had a super duper mega-mouthgasm and it has been love at first drink ever since!!! WOO-HOOOOO!!!!

I recommend this to any and all who like something different and fun. And we know how much fun beer can be when we have had more than three….Hee hee. With Crabbie’s Orange I almost wanna throw on a kilt and play some bagpipes. Or better yet, molest a sexy Scottish dude. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Reviewed with love,

Alehouse Aggie