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Apocalypse Blues



The sky rains blood

The Mississippi runs dry

Memphis is a dead town

Not one squeak, peep, or cry


The sky rains red

Zombies stagger down Beale

Humans lay gutted in the street

On their skins, the unholy start to peel


The sky is crying

The wind is weeping

Greasy entrails are flying

As the corpses start eating


There is nothing like an apocalypse

To silence the music on Beale

Because it is sort of hard to sing the blues

When you are a zombie’s tender meal.





By A Snyder

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My Soul



My soul is hungry

It needs to be fed

Deprived of love, understanding

Compassion, stimulation

It strives to thrive

In a cruel world

Where people don’t care

About anyone anymore

It is a brutal place and

I am slowly sinking into the

Black hole of despair,

Riding the wave of “I just don’t care.”

My soul is so hungry

It needs nourishment

But I fear it will starve

Like all of the other


Depleted, and


Souls in the universe.

By A. Snyder