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BEER SPOTLIGHT # 2: McEwan’s Scotch Ale.


Aye, ya better run for the Highlands with this delectable brew! Once again, I am giving my thoughts on a Scottish beer. Funny, my first two reviews on beer have been from Scotland, ( I must be on a Kilt kick! ) but McEwan’s and Crabbie’s couldn’t be more different. Gone is the ginger and orange taste that Crabbie’s offered, with it’s lighter finish. Here with McEwan’s, the beer is a bit heavier, with chocolatey/caramel sweet notes. It has a great after taste. I was playing the bagpipes by the time I had finished it. HA HA! IT IS THAT FECKIN GOOD. It pairs well with other Scottish items too, such as the Scottish mystery  book that I am reading right now, “Cold Granite” by Stuart McBride, or any Ian Rankin novel. I was sippin away watching Shetland on Netflix and had to wonder if it is the Scottish folks go to beer when socializing.

All in all, McEwan’s gets 5 Kilts outta 5 Kilts from me.

Highly recommended

XOXO, Alehouse



Just someone who likes good music, beer, poetry and books. I work as a third shift manager at a domestic violence shelter. I like cats. I like comedy. Love to laugh and be outrageous.

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