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Lip Smackin Good: CRABBIE’s Orange



     Oh, do I love a good beer! After all, my moniker isn’t ‘Alehouse’ for nuttin! Folks who love ginger, orange flavor, and BEER!…….. will go gaga over this UK import. It’s light and spicey with generous hints of orange and ginger. It tickles one’s taste buds while quenching a real beer thirst. When I first had a sip I had a super duper mega-mouthgasm and it has been love at first drink ever since!!! WOO-HOOOOO!!!!

I recommend this to any and all who like something different and fun. And we know how much fun beer can be when we have had more than three….Hee hee. With Crabbie’s Orange I almost wanna throw on a kilt and play some bagpipes. Or better yet, molest a sexy Scottish dude. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Reviewed with love,

Alehouse Aggie





Just someone who likes good music, beer, poetry and books. I work as a third shift manager at a domestic violence shelter. I like cats. I like comedy. Love to laugh and be outrageous.

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