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Swaying softly

arms around each other

you and I beneath the

blackened sky

listening to Arlo sing

coming into Los Angel-lees

It was a groove thing, baby

being at the festival with you

it was my peaceful time

so divine so sublime

and I wish I could go back in time

back to Yasgur’s Farm

back when I held you in my arms

and I knew everything would work out fine

but things have a way of slapping you in the


In the blink of an eye I was gone from your life

Thrown away

And another chick took my place

I don’t know where you are now or what

You’re doing, nor do

I really care

But when we were together those 3 August days, I was

the happiest at the Woodstock

Music and Art Fair

c. A. Snyder


Just someone who likes good music, beer, poetry and books. I work as a third shift manager at a domestic violence shelter. I like cats. I like comedy. Love to laugh and be outrageous.

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