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     She wiggled her toes under his nose

They were ‘Passionate Pale Pink’

            and were devoid of any stink

In fact, their clean feminine beauty

                      made his thoughts shut down

and he couldn’t think

            ” Do you like them?” she purred

            “O-oh y-yes, ” he sputtered. “mmmmmmm……..”

      “Then suck them, slut-boy.”

As he placed his puckered lips

                                         against the delicate flesh

of her sexy digits

                           he felt much love

                                   and much joy

                    and much gratitude

to be able to serve

                               as his girlfriend’s


                           Play Toy




c.  A. Snyder (4-13-2016)



Just someone who likes good music, beer, poetry and books. I work as a third shift manager at a domestic violence shelter. I like cats. I like comedy. Love to laugh and be outrageous.

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