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Peanut Butter Cup Coffee & Poetry

     Happy Poetry Month and a good evening to anyone who may be reading this. Whether you feel sorry for me or you find me just a wee bit interesting, I thank you for reading this.

     Yep, I love poetry and I love coffee. The two go great together. Sort of like Abbott and Costello, Laverne & Shirley, my cat and Guinness. HA! Yeah, when I wake up in the afternoon my fat booty makes a beeline for the Mr. Java Pot and I usually grab a book (or the cat) and just hang.

     Tonight’s brew is Peanut Butter Cup

 A delicious blend of Arabica coffee beans and peanut butter flavoring. Now, many of you may find this disgusting, and that is o.k. with Alehouse. I am a bit of an adventurer in my drinks and that includes beer and wine also. So, this mocha-like, peanut-butter rich java is right up my ally. I give it 5 coffee cups out of 5, and I recommend any of you who are also adventurous in their coffee slurping and chugging to find it and try it!!! It is so good and satisfying!

     Now for some poetry. Here are a few coffee themed haikus I have scribbled when half awake and when my jammie pants were slowly dipping below the equator. I hope ya’ll enjoy!

Call me ‘Coffee Ho’

I grind with expert rhythm

Dark roast orgasmic

Coffee in Portland

Superior beany brews

Made me go WA-HOOO!!!



Just someone who likes good music, beer, poetry and books. I work as a third shift manager at a domestic violence shelter. I like cats. I like comedy. Love to laugh and be outrageous.

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