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I Am New To Blogging and My Cat Is An Alcoholic

      What the hell do I know about blogging?! Nothing. Nada. Numero 0. This is a first for me…….le sigh and oy!!! Dear lord (or Lucifer),  I am breaking my blogger cherry! Taking the dip to see if anyone will really read the crap that I will spew on this site, and if they even give a shite. I am starting this blog for myself basically. As an outlet for all the mass information and other gobs of poo that are playing paddy cake at a unbelievably rampant pace through my cerebellum, and doing River Dance repeatedly, and with great Irish muster, on other areas of my brainpan.

     I NEED to write. I have always loved to do it. Writing is something I cling to as a way to relieve stress and depression. Plus, I just love to make shit up in my head….Tee hee…I have always had an overactive imagination. And I might as well put it to good use here. Fiction and Fantasy seem appropriate right now, considering the current political climate(It sucks dolphin balls)And my muse is my 13-year-old Siamese, Frisco. He’s an alcoholic. Me and his pappy have managed to talk him down to one to two bottles of beer a week and boy, he is not happy about that. But still, he is my little fur face, and unless he wants to go to Cat AA, he has to lay off.

    Finally, I hope I gain new friends here and I hope I find other interesting blogs to read. I am particularly fond of crime and mystery fiction, good music, poetry, and instigating shenanigans wherever I go.  So where will this blog take me? Hmmmmmmm……




Just someone who likes good music, beer, poetry and books. I work as a third shift manager at a domestic violence shelter. I like cats. I like comedy. Love to laugh and be outrageous.

7 thoughts on “I Am New To Blogging and My Cat Is An Alcoholic

    1. Thank you so much, msgt3227!! I am going to act like I know what I am doing here and just go with the flow! You, sir, have good taste in music! Howlin Wolf is one of my favorite blues dudes! I like your site. And no, Frisco hasn’t gone to Cat AA yet. He currently has no license to drive. So he is just a drunk for now….LOL

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